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Rethink was created by a group of water engineering professionals from diverse backgrounds all of whom look at water in the world today through a dual lens of efficiency and effectiveness. By applying a core set of water innovations Rethinkh2o helps large scale water users save water, money and integrate water into their sustainability approach. 

What We do 


Rethinkh20 was born from a need to enhance water usage while reducing carbon. Designing wholistic and integrated approaches to address these goals is no simple task. Rethinkh20 achieves this rare synchronicity through it's novel approach to water and carbon management. The Rethinkh2o team assesses water usage, designs purpose built reuse systems, utilizes multiple water treatment technologies and integrates water strategy into everyday decision making.  Its founders have extensive experience in the water industry ranging from emergency water solutions and everyday water use cases to off grid operations to large factories and hospitals. Neither an equipment manufacturer nor a consultancy, but housing the ability to act as both, Rethinkh2o is a new model that focuses on water outcomes with simple data gathering, utilization of best in class available treatment technology and innovative solutions that solve today’s new class of water challenges. 

A cross section of water solutions Rethinkh2o is involved with include:

  •  A first of its kind 5 stage water reuse system in the SouthEast US that has saved over xx millions of gallons of water and  yy millions of dollars and enabling the facility to become the largest LEED Platinum complex of its day
  • An entire regional hospital strategy for water resilience with more than 40 specific hospital emergency water solutions in place that provide true water independence and everyday water savings
  • Designing water sensitive designs for multiple food and beverage entities that enable each to be leaders in their industries for water and energy utilization as an intertwined set
  • California’s largest private water reuse system enabling its owner to be the first approved and full incentive eligible system in the State saving over 100,000 gallons a day
  •  Innovative pilot system development for robust deployable water treatment systems aligned to todays lead and other common contaminant environments


Utilizing our unique water database and water engineering process, Rethinkh2o will assess your current water supply, consumption, and waste water stream to target quick reduction opportunities and offer 5 - 15 % savings with minimal capital investment.


After completing a first phase Reduce Assessment, we offer integrated engineering solutions to help you reduce water consumption 30 - 50% by active reuse of waste water streams such as cooling tower blowdown, low yield wells, dewatering or sumps, storm water, condensate and rainwater collection.  These solutions have rapid Return on Investment and are proven technologies with effective controls.


Partnering on long-term water solutions allows clients to maximize their sustainability efforts and the bottom line for ongoing benefit.

  • Integrate water into Lean Six Sigma quality improvement processes
  • Strategic planning to integrate long-term water capacity, quality, costs, technology, regulatory and intensity concepts with traditional planning elements
  • Evaluate water and waste water cost, sustainability objectives and emergency water preparedness together for holistic and optimal effect in facilities, expansion, location and process evaluation over time

carbon and water reductions in a wholistic and optimized way

JIM SIPLON   |  Founder



Founder Jim Siplon discovered the need for integrated and water sensitive support when he led Fiji Water’s enormous operational growth more than 10 years ago. While finding many qualified energy related entities to help reduce Fiji Water carbon footprint, he found no integrated water entities that could help optimize the combination of carbon and water reductions in a wholistic and optimized way. So he dug in with the Fiji Water team on Fiji to dramatically reduce both carbon and water use on their own. Along the way, the processes, tools and systems knowledge from this work became helpful to others as they looked to solve similar water related strategies. Upon returning to the US, Jim set out to understand the water systems industry from the inside becoming the COO of a water solutions firm. He discovered a fractured environment that relied on selling OEM water treatment components to fund any solution, whether the client needed it or not.


Eventually Jim combined forces with Chris Tuffli, who was deeply involved in Fiji Water’s sustainability efforts and Mario Van Severen who helped design several multi-technology solutions with Jim with his 30+ years of water engineering experience. Together they set out to create a new model that was outcome focused as opposed to equipment centered. Over time they added the world class energy, policy and sustainability teammates (Zach, Drew and Katie) that help round out the team and capability to provide expertise across the full spectrum of water, energy and integrated sustainability needs emerging.


Who we work with

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Additional RethinkH2o innovative systems can be found across the country and indeed across the globe. From East Africa where RethinkH2o helped provide efficient water treatment fully powered by solar arrays to communities and commercial entities near the Mara National Wildlife Refuge, to a one-of-a-kind system at a leading spirits maker in Tennessee that allows the distiller to utilize local water that changes seasonally for consistent taste, to its celebrated design of the worlds most unique water bottling facility in a former church in upstate New York…RethinkH2o has taken on some of the most challenging water solutions of the day and produced outcomes that move the entire landscape of what is possible around efficient, energy aware and water quality systems.

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Our Team

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The Rethink H20 team has combines of 60 years of water engineering skills across multiple markets and water use environments. From large-scale water reuse to small-scale, emergency water systems, the team has expertise across the spectrum of use cases.


Jim SIPLON - Founder

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Mario Van Severen - Engineering

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Christopher Tuffli - Project Managment

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Zach Lyman -  AdviSOR

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